I’m Buying a New Mattress, Do I Need a New Base Too?

The answer to this depends on the type of base you have and if it’s suitable for the new mattress you choose. The majority of bases these days are called platform bases. These types of bases are made of wood with slats similar to a slatted bed frame, with other material over the slats. They have no springs, don’t flex and the mattress is made to suit these. If your base is still in good condition, that is. If it is flat (tip – you can check it by laying a broom handle across it) and there is no sag when weight is placed on it, and if it’s a platform base, of course you can keep on using it.

Don’t listen to retailer stories about your warranty not being covered or marketing messages like “best benefit on our specially designed bases”.

However, if your base has springs in the base or flex of any type in the slats, you’ll need to give us more details as there will be an effect on the performance of the mattress. You may need to replace it. If you’re buying a more expensive, higher quality mattress, you may want to replace the base anyway as the base is the least expensive part of the purchase. At Relax Bedding, our status as an independent Perth bedding retailer means that we can provide high quality products for lower prices. Want to learn more about it? If so, learn how we can give you value for money.