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Pocket Spring Madness is on!

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Satisfaction Guarantee with a 100-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied after a 100 night’s sleep!

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3 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress

  • 3 Zone Pocket Springs for Reduced Partner Disturbance
  • Health Vantage Treated Medium Foam Comfort Layer
  • Quality Stretch Knit Quilt Cover Pillowtop Construction For Pressure Relief
  • Dual Edge Perimeter For Full Edge Support
  • Pillowtop Construction, Non Flip Design
  • WA Made by SlumberCare
  • 10 Year Guarantee
Three more comfort levels available in this range

Elation Mattress Range

This mattress has excellent support from its 3 Zone Pocket Spring support system. The centre of the mattress is designed to support and align the spine. The unique Border Booster gives extra support to the mattress edges and allows the entire surface of the mattress to be used with minimal partner disturbance. WA made firm and medium foam layers give extra body contouring and comfort. The pillowtop construction includes a natural wool layer and the luxurious stretch knit quilt cover gives a natural and more comfortable night sleep. 

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❌ $895

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✅ $492 

Harmony Mattress Range

The very best of comfort and support are within this luxury Harmony range of mattresses. The Harmony Deluxe gives excellent support through the 5 Zone pocket spring system. This cradles the hip region whilst giving extra support to the back and shoulders.

Additional contouring is obtained through a unique 5 zone micro pocket spring system that follows and supports each individual body shape. Quality comfort layers within the pillowtop include a layer of gel infused Visco memory foam. This gives pressure point relief while offering temperature regulation for a cooler and refreshing nights sleep.

Body Contouring medium foam comfort layers give a softer feel while the sleeping surface is a Tencel fabric, a natural luxury fibre that is exceedingly soft to the touch and is able to absorb moisture. The foam box edging stops that ‘roll out of bed feeling’ and gives an edge to edge sleeping surface.

Ideal mattress for those that prefer a medium feeling bed and partners of different weights and body sizes. Proudly West Australian made with a 10 year guarantee.

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Double 5 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress

  • 5 Zone Pocket Spring, Gives Support Where Needed
  • 5 Zone Micro Pocket, Contours To The Body Shape
  • Layer Of Gel Infused Visco Memory Foam, Gives Pressure Relief
  • Health Guard Treated Body Contouring Foam to inhibit mould & bacteria
  • Wool Comfort Layer
  • Tencel Fabric,A Natural Sleeping Surface
  • Pillowtop Construction
  • Side Handles
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • WA Made By Slumbercare
Two more comfort levels available in this range


The first pocket sprung mattress was created over a century ago by James Marshall, an English engineer and machinist.

5 Zone Pocket Spring + Micropocket set in the comfort layer

  • Tri-Helix Pocket Spring, Offers Full Body Support
  • Visco Graphite Comfort Layer, Draws Heat Away From The Surface
  • Regulate Memory Foam, Helps Neutralise Temperature
  • Layer Of Mini Pocket Springs, For Unrivalled Support
  • Premium Soft Quilting, For Increased Airflow
  • Foam Box Construction for Better Edge Support
  • Side Handles For Ease Of Rotation
  • Non Flip, Pillowtop Construction
  • WA made by SlumberCare
  • 10 Years Guarantee
Two more comfort levels available in this range

Pinnacle Luxury Mattress Range

The very best of quality, comfort and support come together in the Pinnacle range of mattresses .The quilt fabric features cool surface fibres made with natural Tencel fabric to help regulate heat and moisture.

The comfort and contouring of a mini pocket spring within the comfort layers enhances the luxurious sleeping surface. A layer of Visco Graphite Memory Foam within the pillowtop provides great body contouring, helps reduce tossing and turning, and uses Graphite to help conduct heat away from the surface.

Back support comes from the outstanding Tri-Helix Pocketed Coil System. This system is individually pocketed for gentle, yet solid support, and features a 3-piece braided coil for enhanced durability and a substantial overall feel. This support system helps reduce motion felt when one person moves, so the other remains undisturbed.

Undeniably the pinnacle of support and comfort and truly feels like ‘sleeping on a cloud’. Proudly made in WA by Slumbercare. For those sleepers who prefer a sumptuous, plush feeling mattress.

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Acclaim Mattress Range

This mattress has outstanding support through the 1000 pockets springs that are zoned into 7 sections. This provides the ultimate in support in the right areas and allows correct spinal alignment. A slightly gentler hip zone allows the support system to contour to the hip area.

Individual movement control offers maximum comfort to the body and minimises partner disturbance. The Foam Box surround gives excellent edge support and avoids that ‘roll out of bed’ feeling. Side handles give ease of mattress movement when rotating. The Gel infused Visco Memory foam Comfort Layer gives pressure point relief while being temperature regulating. The wool quilt layer and a natural luxurious Tencel fabric cover for a more natural healthy sleeping surface. Cloud like comfort is achieved through hypersoft quilting.

High density medium foam comfort layers offer a medium, supportive feeling mattress  Backed by a 10 Year Guarantee.

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7 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress

  • 7 Zone Pocket Spring, Offers Superb Support..
  • Gel Infused Memory Foam Comfort Layers, For A  Cooler & Healthier Sleeping Environment.
  • Luxurious Australian Wool, Helps Neutralise Temperature.
  • High Density Medium Foam Comfort Layer, For A Medium Feel
  • Natural Tencel Stretch Knit Ticking, For A Natural, Luxurious Feel.
  • Foam Box Constuction for Better Edge Support.
  • Side Handles For Ease Of Rotation
  • 10 Years Guarantee
  • WA Made By Slumbercare
Two more comfort levels available in this range

Relax Bedding’s 100 Night Money Back Comfort Guarantee

The Relax Bedding exclusive 100 Night Money Back Comfort Guarantee is designed to provide you with peace of mind when purchasing a new mattress. It’s impossible to make the wrong choice at Relax Bedding.

If, after a 30 night period of adjustment, you are not satisfied with the comfort or feel of your new mattress, we will ensure your satisfaction by allowing you to exchange it for one more suitable or receive a full refund of the cost of the mattress, whichever you choose.

Don’t fall for a wishy washy comfort exchange guarantee, that’s tied up with onerous conditions. With ‘MONEY BACK’, you can’t get caught!

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