Product Description

The 5 zone pocket in pocket spring support system allows correct spinal alignment by supporting the heaviest part of any sleepers body, the lower back & lumbar area. A slightly gentler shoulder zone allows the support system to contour to the shoulder area. Individual movement control offers maximum comfort to the body minimising partner disturbance. The Foam Box surround gives excellent edge support and avoids that ‘roll out of bed’ feeling. The Latex Comfort Layer conforms to the body shape while being self ventilating & allergy free. The Gel infused Viscose memory foam offers the ultimate pressure relief. With a wool quilt layer that is naturally breathable creates a natural cooler feeling in summer and warmer in winter. Medium feel. 10 Year Guarantee.

  • WA Made By A H Beard
  • 5 Zone Pocket In Pocket Spring
  • Foam Box Construction
  • Edge Support
  • 15 mm Layer Gel Infused Latex
  • 15mm Layer Gel Infused Visco Memory Foam
  • Ultra Fresh Treated to inhibit mould & bacteria
  • 400gsm Wool Quilt Layer
  • Adaptive stretch knit cover for dynamic cooling
  • No Turn Pillowtop
  • 10 Year Guarantee