Dreamflex 2200 Adjustable Base Slumbercare


Dreamflex 2200 Adjustable Base Slumbercare
Dreamflex 2200 Adjustable Base Slumbercare

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Whether for a better night’s sleep or for better health you will never want to sleep in a standard flatbed again. You can now sit in bed in the exact position you want and relax, catch up on some TV or read a book. No more stiff backs, tense shoulders, or kinked necks. The DreamFlex 200 offers independent head and foot adjustability, USB ports, wireless remote, underbed safety lighting, and adjustable legs.

  • Independent Head & Foot Elevation
  • Cordless Remote
  • Zero Gravity Preset
  • Dual Massage With Timer
  • USB Charger
  • 3 in 1 Adjustable Leg
  • Retainer Bar


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