When you’re hunting for the perfect addition to your bedroom, you want to be able to buy something that you not only like, but that’s also kind to your wallet. At Relax Bedding, we often speak to customers who believe that they have seen a product for a better price elsewhere. What they don’t realize is that at Relax Bedding, we have some of the lowest priced bedroom products in Perth. If you’re searching for items that are stylish and incredible value for money, here’s why you should consider exploring the range at Relax Bedding.

We’re Free to Set Our Own Prices

Because we aren’t a part of a large chain or franchise, we can set our prices to whatever we choose. When a business is a part of a franchise, there are a number of additional costs that go into running the business. This includes a sizeable fee to just be a part of the chain itself – and this has a large effect on the pricing of products. To cover their costs, franchises usually hike up the prices. Because we’re not a part of a chain, this doesn’t apply to us. Therefore, we can pass these savings onto our customers, allowing our prices to be far, far lower.

We’re in It for You, Not for the Profit Margin

A lot of bedding retailers, and retailers in general, look to make the maximum profit on their sales. As such, they put the price far higher than they should, even if the quality is poor. At Relax Bedding, customer satisfaction is at the heart of all our operations. As such, we are more invested in fulfilling your needs than maximizing our profit margins. We price our products based on their quality, with no extra “padding out” of the price.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Quality for Price

A lot of people assume that a low price equals a low quality – and this just isn’t the case at Relax Bedding. While other retailers may still try and maximize profits on inferior products, we are not of that mindset. We flatly refuse to sell any product that doesn’t meet our high standards, so any product you find in our stores – no matter what price – will live up to your every expectation. Our prices are a point of pride with our team at Relax Bedding. We believe that having a good quality bed is something everyone should be able to afford, no matter what their budget. So, if you think you see a product elsewhere of a very low price – take a moment to think it over. Yes, it might be cheap, but the level of quality may have you tossing and turning for the foreseeable future. At Relax Bedding, you can create the bedroom of your dreams for a price that will make your brand new selection that much sweeter. Would you like to learn more about how we’re able to set our prices so low? Read how we keep prices low, while maintaining superior quality and customer service.