How We Assure Quality Products

Some people overlook Relax Bedding because they believe they’ve seen better elsewhere. We can’t cater to every single need, but our dedication to quality control is something that we have 100% confidence in. Here are a few reasons why the quality of our bedroom products will live up to your expectations.


Our Products Are Hand Picked for Their Quality

Because we aren’t a part of a large chain or franchise, we have the ability to freely pick and choose the products that we sell. Our standards are exceptionally high and unwavering.


Our 60+ years of combined knowledge in the bedding retail industry gives us a strong foundation to base our decisions on, and we know from experience which manufacturers and items will give you the best outcome.

We Don’t Accept Bribes from Manufacturers

Unlike some other Perth bedding retailers, we never have – or will – accept a spiv. A spiv is industry talk for a bribe that’s given in exchange for selling or promoting a product, and it happens more often than you’d think.


By accepting a spiv in exchange for our promotion, we would be selling a product to you that we’re not completely on board with – and that’s not how we do business.

When you come into Relax Bedding, one thing that you can be completely sure of is our commitment to making sure you get a product that’s the perfect fit for your needs. One that is of high enough quality that it lives up to our expert standards.


We Only Source Australian Made Mattresses or Mattresses from Australian suppliers

While some may see internationally sourced mattresses as luxurious or exclusive, the reality can be very much the opposite. It is incredibly difficult to ensure the quality of an internationally produced mattress, and that’s why we only sell Australian mattresses or mattresses from locally vetted and trusted suppliers. You can rest assured in the knowledge that you’re getting the very best in quality. These mattresses comply with Australian health and other standards, so you get a product that not only fits your budget and style but will stand the test of time and comfort. And if you’re not completely happy with your selection, you can use our 100 Night Money Back Guarantee. The quality of our mattresses, bases, furniture, bedding, and accessories is something that gives us great pride. It’s deeply embedded into our core company values. Find out more about our values and how they can help you.