What Makes Us Different

What Makes Relax Bedding Different to Other Bedding Retailers?

At Relax Bedding, we are one of a small number of West Australian based mattress retailers who are completely independent.

Our separation from the major franchise groups make us unique, and it gives us certain advantages over our competitors.

Lower Prices

As we control our own finances completely, we are able to dictate the pricing of our products as we see fit. Whereas a franchisee must take into account franchise fees and franchisor purchasing rebates (which are usually added to the product costs), we have no such issues.

We are able to deliver quality products for a much lower price.

On top of this, our employees don’t work off of a commission. This allows them to put their focus entirely on meeting your needs, instead of being pushy and rushing you into a sale.

Providing Quality Products

Unlike the large-scale company franchises, we can make our own decisions about our product and services at a local level. We are able to hand select the products that we sell, giving us the ability to offer selections that are the best for our consumers. This is opposed to some franchises, who have no choice but to sell what the company tells them to.

We also don’t accept spivs (a fancy word for bribes) from suppliers to sell any specific mattress.We sell only what we believe to be the best.

After spending 6 years in a national group, we have learned that their primary focus is to get the maximum profit from each sale as possible. They put the money above the needs of the customer, which is not how we operate. At all times, your needs are held to highest importance. We want to make sure you’re 100% happy!

Special Offers and Services

As part of our quest to provide the best service and products we can, we have a number of special offers and services that are totally unique. These include:

  • A 100 Day Money Back GuaranteeCurrently, we are the only bedding company in Perth to offer this.
  • A Best Price Guarantee
  • Low-cost delivery of products
  • Low-cost mattress removal
  • Setting up of the new mattress and ensemble

At Relax Bedding, we strive to give you the best experience we possibly can.

Your satisfaction is our number one concern, and we’ll do anything to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations.

Want to learn more about how our pricing sets us apart from other bedding retailers in Perth? If so, you can discover more about how we determine our prices here.