In the Beginning…

In the early 1980’s, Relax Bedding owners Bill Hill and Brian Breeden were in the video business. Brian worked with a supplier and Bill started out running a door-to-door mobile video business. They teamed up after the mobile business expanded into a bricks and mortar site, and they quickly grew to become one of the biggest groups of Video Libraries in Western Australia.

At that time, the national and multi-national video companies hadn’t taken over the state, and we were proud of our local stance and our ability to outperform them. – Bill Hill

This was achieved by attention to every operational detail of the business. Bill and Brian constantly searched for ways to enhance the customer experience by fulfilling the needs of customers, and providing them the highest level of service.

Although that was part of a different industry, our approach to retail business has not changed.

Experience in the Bed Retail Industry

During our initial 6 years of bedding experience, we operated within a national franchise group. We achieved great success and increased our national store position from 27th to 2nd just prior to leaving. This was despite ignoring some of the sales dogma, such as pushing people to a higher priced item, or maximizing profitability in every sale.

The Creation of Relax Bedding

At Relax Bedding, we’ve been in the business selling mattresses, ensembles, bedroom furniture and bedding for over 15 years.

Though in our earlier years we operated in national franchise groups, we soon decided to go independent. 

We set up as Relax Bedding Joondalup, and later opened up another store in Osborne Park which was relocated to Mandurah in early 2018.

We learned that by running our own bedding stores, we could offer the same great service – but we were free to choose the best quality and most popular products for our customers. 

We have always been a local family-owned business, and we deal with local suppliers wherever possible. Our range of mattresses and ensembles are all local quality products made by Australian companies, and our bedroom furniture is supplied by recognised and reliable local companies.

At Relax Bedding, we are dedicated to helping you to create the bedroom you’ve always dreamed of. 

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