How Are You Coping with the CoViD-19 Crisis?

Health experts recommend the following: Wash your hands (with soap and water) frequently. Practice social distancing. Make sure you get adequate sleep. Do you have the right mattress that allows you to sleep well? Why [...]

Wanna Be Cool in Bed?

Many people who live in Perth are claiming to be hot under the covers. They like to think that they are “Hot in Bed.” Unfortunately, this is mainly due Perth’s sizzling summer temperatures. If you [...]

Why You Should Be Naked in Bed

(Listen to the audio version.)   Are you in the "Bare is Better" camp? When discussing the benefits of potential sleeping partners, i.e. a new mattress to our clients, we hear lots of [...]

The Simple Way to Improve Your Sports Potential

Contrary to popular belief, sportsmen and women can’t rely upon getting fitter or being more focused by training and doing lots of workouts. That merely builds muscle and develops stamina, it will also likely stimulate [...]

Weird Sleeping Habits of Great Men and Women

The normal sleeping pattern for humans should be 8 hours each night. Doctors and health experts all agree to that! However, if you are thinking that well-known successful people have great sleeping habits, then you [...]

Bring the Children with You when You Drop by Our Stores

One of the things parents ask themselves when they go shopping is, “Where do we leave the children?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the kids are a nuisance. We love the little treasures, [...]