Weird Sleeping Habits of Great Men and Women

The normal sleeping pattern for humans should be 8 hours each night. Doctors and health experts all agree to that! However, if you are thinking that well-known successful people have great sleeping habits, then you [...]

Bring the Children with You when You Drop by Our Stores

One of the things parents ask themselves when they go shopping is, “Where do we leave the children?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the kids are a nuisance. We love the little treasures, [...]

Advice to Wives Whose Husbands Snore

Statistically, there will be three women to every man reading this post, for our sake we hope that's accurate. I wouldn't want the heading to drive a barrage of abuse from irate male readers. However, [...]

Online Buying vs In-Store Shopping

Buying a mattress online has several possible advantages. They include convenience, less pressure, online discounts (if there are any), and efficiency of time. However, buying online may mean that you will not have an opportunity [...]

Reward Yourself by Taking Advantage of Our Superior Standards

We offer the absolute best service standards of any bed store in the whole world… wait! Make that the galaxy. No, we’re the best in the universe. We’re sure you’ve heard it all before. Sure! [...]

Big Brand Feature – Simply The Best

By: Bill Hill Because we want you, our customers, to experience relaxation at its finest, this Autumn we feature one of our best brand partners, Simply The Best. Simply The Best or STB is a [...]