Our 7 Company Values

The 7 Values of Relax Bedding

As Perth’s leading independent bedding retailer, we have a clear set of values that guide our operations. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our customer’s experience and provide quality products at competitive prices.

Here are the 7 values held to heart by our business and staff members, and how they serve you…


At Relax Bedding, our employees work on a no-commission basis. This sets us apart from our Perth-based competition, as our employees do not have the pressure to sell.

Instead, they can guarantee an honest service that means you walk away with exactly what you were looking for.


From our employees to our suppliers, and with every one of our customers, respect is at the heart of all our operations. We believe that respect within our organisation leads to respect for our customers.

We feel that this creates a positive environment in all of our Perth stores, and makes shopping easy and enjoyable for our customers.


At Relax Bedding, trust is an essential part of who we are. We want our customers to have confidence in the products that we provide so that they keep coming back to us.

We believe in offering the highest quality products at a price that you think is fair.


As a proudly independent family-owned retailer, we want our customers to be consistently happy and totally satisfied – that’s why we’re the only bedding company in Perth that offers a money back guarantee on their mattresses.

Additionally, our friendly staff operate under our values, so you can experience the same excellent service across both of our Perth stores.


At Relax Bedding, we don’t waver from the high standards we set for ourselves, we are always looking to the future and identifying ways to improve our offerings and service.

Integrity is an important part of our operations, as this gives our customers confidence in our products and the service we provide.


As Perth’s leading independent bedding retailer, we want to operate as efficiently as possible. At Relax Bedding, we believe that happy employees equals happy customers.

Our business success starts from the inside, and teamwork makes this happen.


We want our customers to enjoy shopping with us, and leave our stores feeling truly satisfied with their purchases and the service they received. We do this by only hiring passionate people, who take pride in their work and enjoy serving customers every day.

Driven by these 7 core values, we help to ensure that your time with us is as enjoyable as possible. Would you like to learn more about how we can help you to create the bedroom of your dreams for a fair price? If so, learn how we can give you value for your money.