Relax Bedding’s 100 Night Money Back Comfort Guarantee

The Relax Bedding exclusive 100 Night Money Back Comfort Guarantee is designed to provide you with peace of mind when purchasing a new mattress. It’s impossible to make the wrong choice at Relax Bedding.

If, after a 7 night period of adjustment, you are not satisfied with the comfort or feel of your new mattress, we will ensure your satisfaction by allowing you to exchange it for one more suitable or receive a full refund of the cost of the mattress, whichever you choose.

100 Day Money Back Guarantee Conditions

Please note the following conditions: The 100 nights will start on the date of delivery (or pickup) of your initial mattress. and will finish 100 nights from that date, regardless of any mattress exchanges that may be made during that 100 night period.

  1. A mattress protector must be used on the mattress at all times. If the mattress is damaged or soiled in any way, it will be exempt from the Guarantee. The mattress must be taken for a minimum of 7 nights and a maximum of 100 nights from the date of the original delivery or pick up of the mattress. The Guarantee does not apply to bases, custom made orders or sales of clearance items. Custom made orders include long single beds and electric beds. The Money Back option does not apply to purchases made through external credit providers, however, an exchange can still be made within the 100 night period. When exchanging an adjustment to cover our finance charges with the credit provider may be required. The Guarantee is designed to ensure the comfort of genuine mattress purchases and cannot be used as a means to provide temporary sleeping arrangements. This is expressly excluded from the guarantee. If an exchange is being made then the replacement mattress will be available at the then sale price if any, regardless of the normal Recommended Retail Price. Please note the following.

  2. For Perth metropolitan deliveries a standard delivery fee will be required which will cover both the delivery of the replacement mattress and the pickup of the exchanged mattress. For other Capital Cities and rural or remote areas, the fee will vary and we will advise upon your request for exchange or refund. Should the replacement mattress be more expensive than the exchanged mattress, then the customer will pay the difference.

  3. If the replacement mattress is less expensive than the exchanged mattress, then the difference will be refunded to the customer.

In the event of a refund to the customer of the original amount paid for the mattress the following fees/charges will be deducted from the refund: An amount equivalent to the amount payable by Relax Bedding to its delivery contractor for the original delivery of the mattress. This will be reduced by any amounts previously paid by the customer for the delivery. If an old mattress/ensemble has been removed for the customer then an amount of $40 will be payable for the disposal costs. This will be reduced by any amounts they previously paid for this service. For the Perth Metro area, a standard delivery fee will also be required for the pickup and return of the purchased mattress.

For other Capital Cities and rural or remote areas, the fee will vary and we will be advised upon your request for a refund. Refunds will not be paid until after the Relax Bedding warehouse has inspected the returned mattress. This will be completed within 3 days from the date of return to our premises. The manager of the Relax Bedding store from where the bed was purchased shall have the absolute discretion as to the application of these terms. At Relax Bedding, we want to ensure that you have the bedroom of your dreams. We have a wide selection of bedding, mattresses, furniture and accessories to suit any price range and style – why not check them out?